5 secrets of Success: Six Sigma Orientation

Six Sigma and Lean have formulated the success of many businesses in industries world wide. From huge multinationals to start-ups, all walks of business life has been transformed by Six Sigma. So let us look at the secrets of their success and how these company’s adopted Six Sigma to change their business processes.

1. Focusing on data as well as Management:

Lean Manufacturing does a thorough analysis of data present as well as marketing philosophy. It creates an environment for better outputs and elimination of wastage. It connects the customer’s needs to the company’s management strategy and then creates a process flow that generates best possible results.


2. Continous Improvement:

Lean production and Six Sigma focuses on continous improvement. It analyses the results of every process and the end results of a project and then makes constant improvements inorder to reduce the defects produced at the end of every cycle. It also recommends the active participation of all employees and gives them the responsibility of achieving best possible results. With well trained and motivated employees, your targets become easier to reach.


3. Customer Satisfaction:

The rapid improvement of customer satisfaction facilitated by Six Sigma, Ensures that your customers remain loyal to you. While attracting new customers to your business is a very important aspect of your business, retaining your current customers and maintain long-term business links with them is very advantageous for your business. Six Sigma studies the data available and points out the critical aspects of a product that plays a major role in customer satisfaction.


4. Time Management:

A lot of companies lose sight of their goal or their quality standards while they rush to meet deadlines. These goals or standards are often not set taking time management into account. Six Sigma helps you set Smart Goals on an efficient Timeline that helps achieve the best possible results.


5. Strategy Development:

All good businesses need a good strategy. This is one of the main areas Six Sigma focuses on. It identifies specific areas where a company need to perform better to improve its status in the market and works on building a strategy for thSourcee same.
With Six Sigma and Lean strategies that focus on the overall improvement of your business, and goal oriented progress it is assured to reach your success goals.