5 success stories of Lean Sigma Implementation

Lean Sigma has been proving itself over the past decades in various fields. Many companies have seen great success in their business by implementing Lean Six Sigma ideologies in their work processes. Let us look at some of the interesting success stories of companies and their experience with Six Sigma.

1. Bosch

Bosch is a world-leading multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Germany. They have implemented the Bosch’s Lean production system within Indian corporate through a partnership with BMGI. Having conducted programs on Lean transformation, the participants of the organization received it really well. These participants were given a simulation which gave them the opportunity to use real machines and also make new plant layouts using Lean Six Sigma Principles. The participants applied these concepts at their workplace and produced great results. Though this is just a beginning, they look forward to the benefits of Implementing these methodologies in their business processes.

2. Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Detroit. They had a vision that Ford would become a consumer products company and gain the coveted increase in customer satisfaction. In order to realize this vision, Ford adopted Six Sigma methodologies. In the year 2000, their Six Sigma plan contributed over $52 million profit to the company. Further, Ford estimates that an additional $300 million dollars may be contributed in terms of completed projects and customer satisfaction.

3. Canadian Medical Laboratories

Not only the manufacturing companies take advantage of Six Sigma. Medical and Health Care companies have also begun to realize and appreciate Six Sigma. Many Medical laboratories in Canada struggle to find funding as the number of patients keeps increasing. Also, the reduction in government budgets has also taken a toll on their available resources. At this stage, Six Sigma is what helped them stabilize the situation. The medical labs slowly started responding to Lean Six Sigma and implementing process improvement methods.

4. UE Compression

UEC is a big player in the oil and gas industry. They used Six Sigma to strategize their business. They thus improved their quality and reduced cycle time. By using tools like 5S, UEC could better understand their customer’s needs. They also strengthened their knowledge base and or on a path of continuous improvement which is the main aim of Six Sigma.

5. Arrow Electronics

In the electronics Industry also, Six Sigma has been introduced. Arrow Electronics, an American Fortune 500 company headquartered in Colorado, has adopted Lean Six Sigma strategies. Their results were amazing over just a small period of time. In 2015, they generated about $1 million in cost savings. They also won an “Innovation of the Year” Award at the Lean and Six Sigma World conference where experts from all over the world come together to collaborate on topics such as process improvement and efficiency.