5S Implementation Rules To Generate Successful Reports Using Six Sigma

5s implementation defines rules that eliminate waste as well as maintain a clean working environment. It is easy for employees to start following and doesn’t require much technical knowledge and can be followed globally. Small to large scale manufacturing plants, offices and even multinational businesses organizations can adopt these practices. It is simple, practical and applicable to all sectors. It is one of the first steps you need to adapt to eliminate waste in your business. It is an innovative management technique that helps employees manage their offices better. Let us look at the various steps involved in successfully implementing 5S for improving productivity and all-round development.

1. Analyze your business:

Do you feel like it is a struggle to locate documents, files or tools in your office? Is everyone aware of their roles and responsibilities and how to keep your workplace organized? If not, you probably need to better analyze your office and your work process. The best solution available at your dispose of is 5S.

2. The 5S Methodology:

The 5 ‘S’s stand for 5 Japanese words that begin with S. Let us look at the equivalent terms in English and how they play a role in the 5S Methodology.

Sort:All tools, material, and documents need to be sorted and categorized into groups. Unrequired things need to be discarded or stored away.

Store:After organizing everything, they need to be stored categorically. All storage location need to be labeled for easy access.

Shine:Clean and remove dirt, trash, dirt etc from all surfaces. Cleanliness provides a better and safe environment to work in.

Standardize:Get your workplace to systematically perform the above steps in a methodical and standardized manner. Set schedules so that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and adheres to them.

Sustain:This is perhaps the most difficult part of the 5S methodology. Incorporate the 5S methodology as a part of your work culture and maintain it over a continued period of time to see valid improvements.

3. The Plan of Action:

The first step to implement 5S and put into action is to train your staff. Then you should follow up by conducting one-day sessions to check on their implementation and clarify any doubts regarding the process.

4. Standardize and Sustain:

Encourage employees to work together and conduct peer audits. This can ensure they stick to the plan and standardize business processes. Define roles and responsibilities for all individuals in the office and appraise them for the same.

Now that you know the basics of the 5S methodology it is time to try it out yourself. These 4 simple steps can pave your way to a standardized and well-organized workplace.