A few good reasons for implementing Lean Six Sigma for your organization

These days, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has become a quotidian word in the business world. Lean Six Sigma is basically a combination of two distinct business techniques and they are Lean and Six Sigma. The prime focus of Lean Six Sigma methodology is to eliminate waste, variation, and non-value-added tasks from a process.

By embracing this Lean methodology, the companies are not only streamlining their businesses and improving their workflows but also they are saving a humongous amount in many cases. A plethora of studies has claimed that successful implementation of Lean approach increases efficiency, improves quality, and better customer service.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why a company should adopt the Lean Six Sigma approach?

  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness: By implementing LSS methodology, a company can increase its efficiency on many levels. LSS Master Black Belts are adept and they have the capacity to analyse each process within a workflow for weaknesses that can be alleviated in order to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of time and resource allocation. Thus, it can be concluded that Lean Six Sigma allows you to create efficient processes so that your company can deliver more high-quality products or services.
  • High-quality output: Lean Six Sigma process helps you to achieve the highest level of quality in terms of products or services. This is accomplished by prioritizing areas of the operation such as quality control standards and practices, inventory control, production scheduling and elimination of quality issues in literally all operational processes.
  • Uplifts your profit: LSS enhances your company’s profit by streamlining your business processes. Streamlined processes result in products or services that are completed faster and more efficiently without adding any extra cost to quality. Lean Six Sigma approach not only increases your profit but it also reduces your cost by removing waste from a process. Waste is basically an activity within a process that isn’t required and waste also enhances your cost. Thus, by removing waste, Lean Six Sigma minimizes your costs.
  • Better customer service: Lean Six Sigma basically helps a company to improve their process and quality control. This will automatically lead to a better product or service in terms of price, quality, lower defect rates, and many more. Since your customers are getting better products and services, they will feel contented and will remain loyal to you.
  • A better work culture and improves employee performance: Lean Six Sigma is an approach which is not only related to company management. Rather, it’s evident in everyone’s day-to-day work. LSS also encourages every employee to learn how to perform better at their job. Lean Six Sigma also builds trust and transparency throughout all levels of a company. Thus, it promotes a healthy work culture and every employee feels that they play an important role in the success and growth of the company.

These are some benefits that a company can achieve If they have been implemented Lean Six Sigma methodologies successfully. With the help of the Lean Six Sigma approach, any company irrespective of its size can improve its efficiency, quality and customer service.

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