Auto Manufacturer: Contribution Of Six Sigma

After the introduction of six sigma to the world, for a long time, it was believed that six sigma suits only in the manufacturing sites and not others. Because six sigma was first tested in a manufacturing site, but now six sigma has proved its existence and is applied in all industries. Let us now discuss how six sigma has made its contribution to the auto manufacturing industry.

The Six Sigma method includes

  • DMAIC- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
  • DMADV- Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify

The two methods help in eliminating errors and wastes that would occur in the auto manufacturing industry. The method of application differs based on the process carried in the auto manufacturing industry.

If six sigma is implemented in the existing project DMAIC method will be applied. If the auto manufacturing industry has a new project to be rolled out in the organization then DMADV is applied.

The auto manufacturing industry is well-known among its customers because of its design, quality, and service. Since the competition in this industry is quite high and the investment in projects is huge, avoiding waste and error is imperative.


When it comes to the DMADV method there is another step added recently and this step benefits a lot to the auto manufacturing industry. The method is now DMADVO, where O stands for Optimize. Any new design that is built will be optimized based on the feedback received and for the convenience of customers.

Now let us see the difference between DMAIC and DMADV in the auto manufacturing industry:


  • Applied in the present process
  • Eliminates the error that arises in the current process
  • Provides solutions that are apt for the current process
  • Is more concerned on the gain of the project


  • Applied in projects where design is involved
  • More cautious to predict the error that would happen in the future and avoid them
  • Provides a solution that is more inclined towards the design process
  • Instead of concentrating on the monetary gains, pays more attention to the verification and validation of the final design submitted

Both DMAIC and DMADV are more concerned with customer satisfaction and the betterment of the auto manufacturing industry. When applied with proper care to the automotive projects the industry tends to attain good monetary benefits and also helps in gaining the customers’ trust.

Let us see what DMAIC and DMADV have in common:

  • Both methods are applied where customer satisfaction is mandatory
  • Helps in eliminating errors and wastes
  • Repeated mistakes are avoided
  • Data-driven approach
  • Asks for an opinion from the associates to managers for a better process

An individual holding Black belt six sigma certification from Amile institute will be of better help to the auto manufacturing industry to decide which method to use based on the projects.

Six Sigma has made its way in the top companies like Ford, needless to mention even the Chief Executive Officer of Ford has his Six Sigma certification like other employees of the company.

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