Black Belt Six Sigma Certification in 24 Hours Only with free study Material

A Black Belt Six Sigma Certification is a great way to boost your career prospects and earn a high salary. Black belt Six Sigma act as change agents in any organization and use the DMAIC methodology (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) to streamline processes.

They work as project leaders and help to train Green Belt. They can also identify projects that can benefit from Six Sigma implementation.

Maximize your career opportunity

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is an incredibly valuable professional credential. It offers a wide variety of career options for individuals who possess the drive and desire to achieve this highly respected title.

Six Sigma Black Belts are experts in reducing defects in manufacturing products, business processes, and other aspects of a company’s operation. They also use their analytical skills to manage and implement change, as well as evaluate team members and the effectiveness of management techniques.

Amile Institute is composed of professionally-narrated video modules, interactive quizzes and tests, downloadable templates, live Q&A webinars with the instructor, and an official IASSC exam (exam fee included). Once you complete our program and pass the official IASSC certification exam, you will be able to add the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt designation after your name in accordance with IASSC’s Marks Usage Policy. This credential will open many new doors for you in your career and help you increase your product ROI.

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Improve product ROI

Professionals trained at the Black Belt level can lead Six Sigma project teams. They typically have significant experience in LEAN concepts, deeper analysis tools (think stats) and are skilled at change management techniques. Black Belts also know how to extract actionable knowledge from a company’s information warehouse.

This online value-added course combines Green Belt training with the Black Belt coursework. It helps you learn how to apply Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques to improve production processes, reduce cost, and minimize defects in the end product.

The course is delivered through professionally narrated e-Learning modules and interactive quizzes, all accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You also have access to an instructor, Master Black Belt, who will grade your assignments and provide you with feedback and a score on your exam. This is a valuable tool to help you become a more effective Six Sigma leader. You will also have access to live Q&A webinars with your trainer, Dr Dan Green.

Learn from the best

Learn how to lead top-quality Six Sigma projects and mentor Green Belts in your organization. Whether you’re already a seasoned process improvement professional or just starting out, this Black Belt training is designed to help you deliver breakthrough improvements for enhanced bottom-line results.

Our instructor-led online course features comprehensive Lean Six Sigma e-learning modules, interactive quizzes and self-paced assignments. This includes access to professionally narrated presentations, case studies, templates and a virtual classroom to interact with your Master Black Belt instructor.

You’ll be able to use the DMAIC methodology to approach business challenges in any industry and implement Lean principles in order to reduce costs and increase revenue. You’ll also learn to collect and analyze data using a range of deeper analysis tools. Finally, you’ll be able to identify and implement process changes with quantifiable results – and create a plan to sustain these improvements. We include all of the supplemental learning materials in the price of your enrollment and the cost of the proctored closed-book certification exam (a small shipping fee applies). Upon successful completion of the Black Belt course, you will be issued a IASSC certified certificate as an Internationally-Recognized Six Sigma Black Belt.

Save time

As a Six Sigma Black Belt, you can save your company time and money by identifying and eliminating the root causes of problems. You’ll also implement solutions to improve processes and ensure they are sustained by creating a plan for how to manage them.

You’ll gain valuable skills for leading and mentoring Green Belt, as well as delivering breakthrough improvements to your company’s bottom line. Whether you’re a current employee or looking to enhance your career, earning this certification can help your resume stand out in a crowded job market.