Case Study: Black Belt Application in IT

It is seen that in the 21st century, various sectors have put Six Sigma to use which includes IT, healthcare, hotel and more. This brings great opportunities for those who are reaching the level of black belt Six Sigma Certification which is the second-highest stage.

A case study of Black Belt Application:

This is a recent example where a student applied a Six Sigma Black Belt course to streamline the operations of an IT company.

Paritosh Bhondele who has studied at the University of California – San Diego, was not sure about the Six Sigma methodology. He had various questions about whether it would work in the current scenario or not.

But his professor, Ric Van Der Linden, explained to him why he should trust the Six Sigma process and how it can work as he trains people in lean six sigma black belt certification.

How the method was beneficial?

Bhondele when applied his methods for his Software company found the below results:

  • increase productivity
  • Improvement in the quality assurance processes
  • Work towards the ongoing statistical analysis of a company’s business model

The most important thing which he noticed was Six Sigma is not just for tough times but also works when the company is tasting success. He quotes “you have to make hay while the sun is shining.”

There are other cases where Six Sigma has helped software companies to improve various processes. For example, in San Diego, IT firms implemented Six Sigma methods which helped in reducing 911 wait times.

There are companies such as Satyam, Wipro, Patni, Accenture, TCS, Cognizant who have seen positive changes after implementing six sigma in software development.


Application of Six Sigma in Software Development

  • Reducing schedule slippages
  • Reducing the defects or bugs
  • Increasing defects detection at an early stage
  • Reducing rework
  • Reducing the time to resolve complaints
  • Reducing customer complaints
  • Reducing or eliminating invoicing errors
  • Improving sale process efficiency

Key points about a black belt in Six Sigma for a software company

1. With process improvement methods to capture it becomes smooth to capture defects/bugs at an early stage which in turn saves the cost of fixing at a later phase.

2. Frequency of testing becomes less if the six sigma is applied to make the coding and testing right at an initial phase.

3. Effective data collection and analysis results in scientific approaches for improvement in all areas.

six sigma blacl belt certification


The software industry is maturing now and the application of Six Sigma principles is gaining importance in the companies of this sector.  It includes using (DMAIC) to improve the existing system or (DMADV) for developing new products.

You can find various universities providing online Six Sigma black belt certification through which you can learn the art of gathering correct information and eliminating delays in the work.

 There is a huge scope of six sigma methodology in software firms where it is crucial to detect failures at an early phase or to avoid duplication of work. With a black belt certificate, you can achieve process improvements.