Do you need the necessary training for Six Sigma Blackbelt?

In order to become a Six Sigma Black Belt, it is advisable to attend and complete appropriate training before sitting for the exam. These trainings are generally open to all candidates with or without the Greenbelt status. Though doing this is possible, following the standard progression, by attaining the Green Belt training and certification will make the Black Belt certification process much easier. It also helps if you have relevant experience in Business Process Management.

The Black Belt training will revise some of the knowledge areas of the Green Belt courses but also requires a higher level of understanding and mastery. It also covers more complex concepts and calculations required for quality metrics and process management. This training will help you to apply the principles of Six Sigma to any business situation and develop goals which can be achieved by putting together an effective action plan.

Also, undergoing these training greatly improves your employability. Most companies in all sectors from large-scale software companies, to manufacturers, are looking for well trained Six Sigma Black Belts. All leading job-search websites show you that most leading companies are actively recruiting people who have undergone Six Sigma Black Belt training and Certification. These people are appointed to effective and interesting roles such as Consultants, Quality improvement Managers, Improvement Advisor, Plant Managers, Process Improvement Specialist, and many more.

If you have decided to Pursue a Six Sigma Belt Certification, the first task is to identify a good training program for the same. If you have a full-time job, it is possible to find part-time or online courses to undergo the training. It is very difficult to find a program that fits into your busy schedule. This is why online training is a great option to look for. There are so many different options for training available to choose from which will prepare you for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification. These online courses are convenient and also provide industry-recognized certificates.

Many such courses ask you to produce a Green Belt certification or equivalent experience as Pre-requisites to be enrolled in the program. If not, you can first participate in the Green Belt training program and then follow it up with the Black Belt training and certification. This training will then provide you with the necessary background knowledge and skills to become a Six Sigma Black Belt. Over a course of 16 to 20 weeks, you will be well prepared to take the Certification Examination.

Advantages of attending the training program:

• Develop valuable insights related to Six Sigma processes and methodology
• Gain knowledge about the principles and application of Six Sigma
• View Lectures online anywhere and anytime.
• Communicate with peers through Live Chat rooms, Email, etc.
• Participate in interactive sessions.

These trainings not only equip you to successfully implement Six Sigma, it also helps you to strengthen your communication skills and add an attractive qualification to your profile. Thus this training is an integral part of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.