How can you find the best Six Sigma professionals in your business?

Six Sigma is one of the pristine strategies that many organizations are using and are getting a chunk of positive results in their products and business. But if you want to achieve an unparalleled success in your business by employing Six Sigma approach, then you certainly need some best and dexterous Six Sigma professionals who will help you in achieving your goals. It is an arduous and challenging job to find the best Six Sigma professionals for your company.  Still, there are some ways by which you can identify the best one from the standout.

  • Check their resume thoroughly: These days, the markets are crammed with many Six Sigma training institutes who provide some professionals training on Six Sigma courses and certificates after the completion of the course. Most of the aspirants should include “Six Sigma certified” on their resumes. So, check the resumes of the candidates in a detailed way and find out if they have written anything like “Six Sigma certified” or not.

  • Written test: If you want to hire the best candidates for your organization, then it is advisable to go for a written test. A written test will help you to evaluate how much knowledge your potential candidate possess. A written test should include a mixture of multiple choice questions related to Lean, Six Sigma, and even Theory of Constraints. The exam should be designed with a minimum passing score of 80% and generally no less than 30 questions. If your required take help from the executives who have a competence knowledge of Six Sigma in order to set up the questions. If your candidate passes the exam with flying colours, then he is the perfect choice for your organization.
  • Personal interview: This is a very effective step in the candidate evaluation process. Granted that the candidate has already passed the written exam, this gives the interviewer a chance to see how the individual might interact with people in your organization or whether they need an advanced training or explanation during the Six Sigma projects. Don’t forget to ask him how many Six Sigma projects he has finished in the past, the project details, what are the issues that they found earlier, how they detected and eliminated the errors after using Six Sigma approach, etc. All these questions will help you to understand whether he is suitable for your organization or not.
  • Offer an exceptional package and incentives: Even after finishing the Six Sigma training, most of the employees remain underrated by their organizations. So, if you can offer a lucrative package, incentives, and astounding growth opportunities to the candidates, then you will definitely get some good and adroit candidates for your organization. This will also help the people who deserve better positions in your company because you are appreciating their hard work and dedication.

Indubitably, finding a proficient and skilled Six Sigma employee for your organization is a daunting task for you. But if you can follow the above-mentioned ways, then you will definitely get the best employees for your organization who will ameliorate the growth and profit of the company.

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