How Long Does It Take To Acquire A Yellow Belt In Six Sigma?

What is a Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is a training for those who have a passion to develop basic knowledge on Six Sigma and are not acquainted with Six Sigma before. They can be representatives of the entry level who want to get familiarized to the concepts of Six Sigma. They will be well equipped to support and work with the green belts in the organization. Six Sigma is a step by step process and this can be considered as one of the basics or the platforms upon which professionals build their Six Sigma capabilities.


It is perfect for aspirants who want to make their projects successful and implement Six Sigma methodologies in the organization. It enables individuals to participate effectively in projects and contribute to the team. He will be made aware of the various tools and techniques used in Six Sigma.

Two Different paths to certification:

There are 2 different paths to earn your Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification.

1. Individuals who are already well acquainted with the topics covered in the Yellow Belt Certification and have received training can directly appear for a Standard Comprehensive examination.

2. Individuals who use Self Study Guides and prepare either independently or with a training provider can take several short exams as they progress through different sessions. This path also allows you to take other levels of examinations such as a white, green and black belt, without additional exam fees by taking the various exams as they progress through their certification journey.

Both these paths will lead you to the yellow belt certification. These tests will be an open-book and non-times examination. It is suggested that people who are new to this opt for the second path and also get to reduce their overall examination and certification costs.

How long does it take?

It generally takes one to three weeks to complete the Six Sigma Yellow belt certification program. The certification is meant for beginners and hence tests their understanding of the key practices of Six Sigma. The course is, however, self-paced and enables you to move at the speed you are comfortable with. If you have previous experience, you may be able to finish it even faster. You have up to one year to complete it. The exam itself takes only 1 hour to complete and has about 35 to 55 questions. The study material is specifically designed to help you prepare for this exam. It covers all the key topics that have to be understood by the professional. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt certifications do not require you to complete a project in order to be eligible to attempt the qualifying exam.