How Six Sigma professionals handle a crisis situation?

These days, most people have a scant knowledge about project crisis. First, let’s take a look at what is a project crisis. A project crisis can be a problem or a set of problems, which makes the project unstable. In a crisis situation, it becomes difficult to return to the earlier stage in a project.

Six Sigma professionals aim to identify and minimize the defects to a minimum. Identification of the problem is the key, half the job is done if the project manager is able to find the real issues confronting the project.

Such professionals try to reduce the level of defects to a minimum. Generally, as a rule, a six sigma professional will try to reduce the level of defects to not more than 3.4 defects per million.

These managers can anticipate the issues, which are likely to lead to a crisis. A proactive approach to the problem helps to solve the problems much before than it appears. Hallmark of a six sigma professional is that he handles such crisis proactively and does not let the crisis become a major one.

A six sigma manager is able to understand complex situations, once he gets a measure of the problem, the project manager will try to resolve the issues by problem-solving. Such managers are adept at problem-solving.

These high aptitude professionals fight at various fronts at a time. as the project manager is dealing with various stakeholders, he has to balance. A six sigma professional has the ability to coordinate among various stakeholders. Communication is the key among various stakeholders involved and a six sigma manager tries to optimize communication to bring in the best solution.

One of the important aspects of training a six sigma manager is assertiveness training. These managers are assertive and work in a way which keeps the crisis manageable. The mental toughness and assertiveness help the project manager going in very tough situations.

Good leadership and assertiveness from the leaders are a “must”. It helps in the crisis situation and the manager is able to take decisions in very difficult situations.

Precise calculations: A six sigma professional is able to calculate quickly and bring the right solution to the issues at hand. A six sigma professional is someone who can calculate and understand difficult situations quickly. Precise calculations help suggest precise actions to overcome the problems. It saves the company’s costs as it exactly knows the steps to handle the crisis situation.