Lean Six Sigma: does it have any role in Government sector?

Lean Six Sigma is not at all a new-fangled thing in these days rather people are fairly aware of its practical applications in many sectors. Lean Six Sigma has received a grand welcome in the private sectors. But you must be astonished to know that Lean Six Sigma has become an integral part of the government bodies because it makes a process more effective by eliminating and reducing the wastes. That’s why these days, government bodies are adopting this method to make their process more efficient and powerful.

Let’s discuss in a deeper way how lean Six Sigma plays an imperative role in government sectors and agencies.

Improves operational efficiencies of the processes: When it comes to process improvements in the government sector, they can often be more critical than there are in the private sector. Because every government in every city, as well as state, should have their own standards for providing the best services possible. If a government body can apply the right lean Six Sigma principles along with the right people, then it can easily achieve the ever-demanding efficiency of the processes.

Eliminates unnecessary position and reduces cost: Lean Six Sigma allows government organizations to eliminate unnecessary positions and is helping them to find out ways so that they can cut the costs and provide better services. This thing is similar to the private sectors who have already adopted and applied Lean Six Sigma methodologies on their projects. However, for the government organizations, this thing is applicable on a much larger scale. Because the government’s use of this particular method provides them with much bigger solutions and successes because of their level of power and authority.

Improves administrative coordination: The application of Lean Six Sigma methodologies would facilitate process improvement by establishing clear, value-adding roles, and responsibilities across the government organizations. Not only that, this Lean Six Sigma will also provide the management with much-needed information which is required for effective process management controller-ship and governance.

Customer satisfaction: The customers are the pillars of every business. If you have a strong and satisfied customers’ base, then it will enhance your profit and growth. Customers play an imperative role in the government and the public sector also. A government agency can serve its customers in a better way by employing Lean Six Sigma principles. Because lean Six Sigma process will help them in improving their customer service by eradicating the defects or errors.

Governments are using Lean Six Sigma principles quite a some and are getting immensely benefited by this. Lean Six Sigma principles help them in reducing cost, eliminating errors, and improving efficiencies. Not only that, it also helps them to accomplish a project in a hassle-free and stress-free way. However, the government organizations need to focus on Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training to their employees so that they can get more benefits in the future and can reach the zenith of the success.

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