Manager or Leader? Six Sigma black belt

In the past, management would point the finger and tell staff members what to do and they would do it. Management was not hands-on and communication was almost non-existent. It has been proven by companies failing over and over, that this is not the way to manage a staff. Six Sigma black belt is the best choice for training if you want your management to take on new techniques for leading their staff.

Six Sigma Black belt focuses on leading and coaching, not managing. You must be a good leader and people must look up to you for you to be in any type of management position. A leader of a business needs to be someone who has the skills necessary to bring a group of people together, help them work together cohesively, and have the ability to work a project from beginning to end effectively and efficiently. A leader takes a hands on approach and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. They have the ability to coach the team and provide useful help when anyone on the team needs help with a task. Six Sigma Black Belt training will show you that a leader is a mentor to other team members and someone the others want to learn from because they look up to them.

One of the most important parts of Six Sigma Black Belt training and the projects undertaken is that they develop an approach of thinking in terms of cause and effect relationships. They apply this knowledge not just to the critical areas, but in day-to- day operations. This helps in sorting out any problems with great care and deep thought about their causes. Decision-making based on such a data analysis is bound to be sound and based on a solid foundation. Being data-based and supported by specific decisions that are not just gut feelings, the probability of recurrence of the problem is minimal.

One major responsibility of the Six Sigma Black Belt is to bring about the changes in the organizational processes – and most importantly, to facilitate such changes. They have to be good change agents with good soft skills to influence people to accept changes that are beneficial for everyone. They have to overcome resistance to change by planning project implementation well in advance, which involves regular communication with internal as well as external customers.

The business’ leadership should select such members for Black Belt training who are visibly potential leaders. They should ensure that the person being selected has the fire to see such initiatives to a successful end. Black Belts should be well aware of the business goals and objectives and have abilities to undertake responsibilities without much support of the top management. The business’ leadership has to ensure that they select Six Sigma Black Belts who will make good leaders in the future.

Six Sigma Black belt training is very effective training for any type of organization. If you have employees with potential to lead and coach the staff, this is the best option. A Six Sigma trained and certified manager is not only a manager, but a leader and a mentor.