Six Sigma Certification on a Limited Budget

How can you get six sigma certification with a tiny budget?

Six Sigma is not at all a new-fangled concept for the companies in these days. The popularity of Six Sigma is simply astounding over the past few years because the companies are using it to train their employees and are improving their business operations. So, what is a six sigma certification?

Six Sigma certification

Six Sigma is a carefully designed set of tools and techniques which is invented by Mr Bill Smith. Basically, this is a business process management method which is designed to boost up the production and operation by identifying and extirpating the existing faults of the organization. The core objective of this process is to lessen faults of an organization. Generally, the six sigma certification comes in various skill levels and they are Yellow Belt, Green BeltBlack Belt, and Master Black Belt.

Benefits of six sigma certification

The benefits of six sigma certification are unfathomable. This helps an individual to become a specialist in process improvement and also uplifts your career and skills. A company can also minimize its errors and faults with a six sigma certification.

  1. A company can increase its revenue by eliminating all the errors. If not identified, then these will arise poor customer satisfaction and the company will lose its business.
  2. Once you will get a six sigma certification, you will be able to prove that you have the required knowledge to identify the characteristics of a company’s manufacturing and business processes. You can also measure, analyse, control, and improve those factors and can uplift the profit of the organization. Now, you also have an in-depth knowledge and skills to conduct a complete review of current practices and you can understand their impact on quality performance.
  3. You will get better job opportunities and can make a scintillating career.
  4. Since you hold a six sigma certification, so you will be able to help your company comply with all the international standards and in this way, you can increase its profitability.
  5. Six Sigma training and certification will prepare you for leadership roles, with the advanced techniques and methodologies. Now, you will know how to cut down costs, increase revenue, and how can you improve the efficiency of the various business processes.

How to get a six sigma certification with a budget-friendly way?

The training and certification for six sigma are quite expensive. The price can vary from institute to institute and the course that you will choose for yourself. The average training costs for White, Yellow, and Orange Belts are nearly $500. A Green Belt ranges from around $1,500 for about 35 hours of online training to $3,000 for eight days of in-class training. For a Black Belt training, you can expect the cost is nearly $8,000, and $10,000 for a Master Black Belt.

There are many institutes in will get a six sigma certification if you have a tight budget.

  • Skilllogic: GB self-learning is USD 215. BB self-training is USD 480.
  • Vskills: BB self-learning is USD 215. Need to go to a physical exam centre.
  • KPMG: GB self-learning is USD 383.
  • Statistical Institute: GB self-learning USD 163.
  • Simplilearn: BB self-learning is USD 150.

Compare with any of these – Amile Institute offers Black Belt certification of Global validity for just USD 79. Now isn’t that affordable certification?

The benefits of holding a six sigma certification will help you to reach the zenith of success. But before you go for a certification, it is recommendable to prepare some basic statistics first. Then, you can decide which learning path and which level will suit your purpose and accordingly, take a wise move towards your career.

What is Six Sigma

Six Sigma (or 6S) is a methodology for process improvement and a statistical concept that seeks to define the variation inherent in any process. The overarching premise of Six Sigma is that variation in a process leads to opportunities for error; opportunities for error then lead to risks for product defects.

Product defects – in a process or a service – lead to decreased customer satisfaction. By working to reduce variation and opportunities for error, the Six Sigma method ultimately reduces process costs and increases customer satisfaction.

While applying 6S methodologies, organizations, teams, and project managers must seek to implement strategies that are based on measurement and metrics. Historically, many business leaders made decisions based on intuition or experience – however a statistical approach offers key advantages over this method.

Despite some common beliefs in various industries, 6S doesn’t remove the need for experienced leadership, and it doesn’t negate the importance of intuition in any process. Instead, it works alongside other skills, experience, and knowledge to provide a mathematical and statistical foundation for decision making. Experience might say a process isn’t working; statistics prove that to be true. Intuition might guide a project manager to believe a certain change could improve output; Six Sigma works to help organizations validate those assumptions.

Amile Institute is an international accreditation body that helps you get your certifications in place online – at your leisure. We’ve also supplied a copy of the 6S Certification Manual, for Green and Black Belt – which will be set to you when you sign up for your certification.

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We hope you have an awesome time in the world of Quality Management – it’s a unique industry with a lot of learning and depth… The main reward it brings is the statistical proof of a Job Well Done!