Why is green belt certification important?

In today’s aggressive market, quality is a necessity and a distinguishing feature in services and products. The institute of a system inside the associations that boosts quality and removes flaws gives organizations the desirable competitive edge. Six Sigma, since the methodology that catches organizations as whole systems, holds the capability to create continuing success.

online Six Sigma Green belt certificate

The Six Sigma victory has triggered many people into Attending specialist Six Sigma pieces of training. However, what will those pieces of training do to assist your career? The benefits are significant to your livelihood, in addition to your overall business knowledge. The Six Sigma Green Belt (a part of the Six Sigma methodology) is employed for enhancing quality in organizations that handle process or manufacturing management. Various advantages derive from obtaining an online Six Sigma Green belt certificate. A many of them are given below.


The accredited Green Belt pros help provide better quality and solutions, which ensures consumer loyalty. At this time, there are lots of customers that search for businesses employing Lean Six Sigma. Six Sigma Green Belt experts promote organizations’ visibility and bring new clients by ensuring that you provide the best products or services in the industry.


You can apply Six Sigma from the advertisements and sales pitches Of your company too. By applying for Six Sigma or obtaining a Green belt certification, you will have the capability to maintain your enterprise performance ahead of the competition. Considering that Six Sigma revolves around the accumulation of data and analysis, the procedure for decision-making won’t be as complicated since Six Sigma offers you the essential experience and assurance.


The Six Sigma Green Belt certificate provides you confidence in Effectively completing jobs and reducing operating costs for the company. Usually, the book funds per job would be the amount that many organizations will need to cover to finish projects in time and receive the positive output signal that has been projected in the beginning. But through implementing the Six Sigma Green Belt fundamentals, using reserve funds won’t be necessary.


The Six Sigma Green Belt certified professional concentrates on Caring for handling specific projects with a tactical-oriented strategy. Any company that does have a Green Belt certified specialist may benefit from getting their complicated matters treated with all the professionalism that Green Belt training provides. The accredited Green Belt specialist can look after the complex issues in a shorter period. Besides solving problems, they can also find the principal drivers of their problems and protect against additional internal failure prices from happening.


Being a Green Belt accredited practitioner equips you with numerous abilities that benefit not just the company you work for but your regular personal interactions too. The Six Sigma Green Belt training enhances the ability to discuss complicated subjects, effectively resolve problems, and supply helpful recommendations.


A number of the most frequent places for Green Belt Licensed professionals include project managers, manufacturing engineers, process engineers, Advisers, etc. Below There’s a list of Possible places which you Can try if you’re a Six Sigma Green belt accredited professional:

  • Lean Six Sigma Advisor
  • Lead Manufacturing Engineer
  • Procedure Development Engineer
  • Compliance Structural Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Operating System Expert
  • Senior IT Project Manager
  • Warehouse Operations Manager
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Project Engineer
  • Manager, Performance Excellence

Benefits Of Green Belt Six Sigma Certification?

Six sigma has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and it has made some great impacts over the past few years in many industries. Although you have a lot to learn with the six sigma green Belt certification, there is a particular level that concentrates mostly and the quality of the product or service that a company provides. Because of this many companies have been able to improve their profits by a great margin.

six sigma certification

One such course is the green belt six sigma certification. Since this level of six sigma concentrates more on the quality and delivery of the products that your product has, it is highly important for many companies. Brands that have green belt certified people inside their management have been able to produce products of higher quantity and have always stayed ahead of their competitors.

So here are some of the benefits that you get by completing the green belt six sigma certification.

Strategic benefits:

A person qualified with a six sigma green belt will be able to strategize the production and quality of the product that comes out of your factory. They are also able to identify the root cause of the problem and come up with an effective measure to prevent it and improve it for the future. These will not be temporary solutions but solutions that the company will be able to use for years together.

Professional development:

Although the green belt course focuses on quality and production control it does make sure to keep you on track with everything else. One such quality that this course enhances in you is professional values. From communication to the project process, you will learn a lot that will benefit not only the company but the individual as well.

Financial benefits:

Being trained in six sigma gives you the ability to do the work efficiently which results in saving a lot of time. Because of this, you are able to do more projects with less cost. Meaning you are increasing your profit by a great number.

These are some of the benefits that the organisation gets with the six sigma green belt certification. But on an individual level they get a lot of benefits too. Once you complete the certification course here are some of the career options that open up for you.

  • Lead manufacturing engineer
  • Business process analyst
  • Operation system specialist
  • Data scientist
  • Project engineer
  • Lean six sigma consultants and much more.

Learning six sigma is the easy part. Knowing where to do the course is a tough job. This is where firms like the Amile institute come into action when they even allow you to do online six sigma green belt certification where you need not go physically to learn the course.

Auto Manufacturer: Contribution Of Six Sigma

After the introduction of six sigma to the world, for a long time, it was believed that six sigma suits only in the manufacturing sites and not others. Because six sigma was first tested in a manufacturing site, but now six sigma has proved its existence and is applied in all industries. Let us now discuss how six sigma has made its contribution to the auto manufacturing industry.

The Six Sigma method includes

  • DMAIC- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
  • DMADV- Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify

The two methods help in eliminating errors and wastes that would occur in the auto manufacturing industry. The method of application differs based on the process carried in the auto manufacturing industry.

If six sigma is implemented in the existing project DMAIC method will be applied. If the auto manufacturing industry has a new project to be rolled out in the organization then DMADV is applied.

The auto manufacturing industry is well-known among its customers because of its design, quality, and service. Since the competition in this industry is quite high and the investment in projects is huge, avoiding waste and error is imperative.


When it comes to the DMADV method there is another step added recently and this step benefits a lot to the auto manufacturing industry. The method is now DMADVO, where O stands for Optimize. Any new design that is built will be optimized based on the feedback received and for the convenience of customers.

Now let us see the difference between DMAIC and DMADV in the auto manufacturing industry:


  • Applied in the present process
  • Eliminates the error that arises in the current process
  • Provides solutions that are apt for the current process
  • Is more concerned on the gain of the project


  • Applied in projects where design is involved
  • More cautious to predict the error that would happen in the future and avoid them
  • Provides a solution that is more inclined towards the design process
  • Instead of concentrating on the monetary gains, pays more attention to the verification and validation of the final design submitted

Both DMAIC and DMADV are more concerned with customer satisfaction and the betterment of the auto manufacturing industry. When applied with proper care to the automotive projects the industry tends to attain good monetary benefits and also helps in gaining the customers’ trust.

Let us see what DMAIC and DMADV have in common:

  • Both methods are applied where customer satisfaction is mandatory
  • Helps in eliminating errors and wastes
  • Repeated mistakes are avoided
  • Data-driven approach
  • Asks for an opinion from the associates to managers for a better process

An individual holding Black belt six sigma certification from Amile institute will be of better help to the auto manufacturing industry to decide which method to use based on the projects.

Six Sigma has made its way in the top companies like Ford, needless to mention even the Chief Executive Officer of Ford has his Six Sigma certification like other employees of the company.

Disruption Vs Stability: Understanding for Business Management

There are multiple terms used in Business Management, two of them are Disruption and Stability. And these two terms stand at the two opposite poles and people still wonder how there is balance in the process when Disruption and Stability come into play for Business management.


Let us take a look at what disruption and stability imply in business management.

Disruption- A business will have its values, standards, methods, and strategy in handling its process. Disruption is bringing a complete change in the process which was followed for a long time. Disruptive innovation is a commonly used term and as the word means the changes are innovative, for the betterment of the business, yet unexpected for the workers in the system.

Stability- As the name speaks for itself, stability in business management means the same set of values, methods, and processes are followed without bringing any change . Stability strategy is when the organization feels contended with the clients, process, and the services provided and feels there is no requirement for change. This strategy is mostly followed in startups and small organizations.

Is it better to follow Disruptive innovation or stability strategy in my business?

The answer is to follow both. Though Disruptive and Stability are on the opposite poles, for a healthy balance for business both should be present. Black belt Six Sigma Certification will be of huge help to your business to help you understand where these two strategies can be applied.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification will help in providing the guidelines to follow in your business and teach you the concepts of the DMAIC process. The process is to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control for a better business process.

Six Sigma will play a major role in your business analyzing the importance of disruption and stability strategy and deciding where they can be applied. Disruptive innovation is well-known as a trouble maker because the sudden change will drag the employees of the comfort zone, where the stability strategy tends to bore the employees to follow the same process without any improvement for a long time.

Let us talk about how disruption needs stability and vice versa. Imagine there was a disruptive change made in your business, this might have thrown the front-line workers, executives, and all the middle line to higher line managers in chaos (mind chaos to accept the new change). This chaos among the employees will affect the efficiency of their work and touch its hands-on reducing productivity.

Now to make this disruptive innovation work and the employees get used to the chance, stability strategy comes into the picture. Analyzing the chances and letting your employees take their time to get used to the disruptive change will be the stability strategy’s next step.

What about the monotonous stability strategy making the employees get bored easily? Disruptive innovation comes into the picture and takes a stand to bring the necessary changes for the betterment of the business and the employees. Hope you understand why disruption and stability are needed for healthy business management? Though being on the opposite poles, disruption and stability are needed in business management.

Things to Remember while attending Six Sigma Exams

All things considered, who does not want to be given more importance in a workplace. That is exactly what a six sigma certification course gets you. This is especially true if you are a fresher and are nothing more than another member of the team. But with the help of the six sigma yellow belt certification course, you will have the edge over all your colleagues. This is because of the fact that six Sigma lets you have all the basic knowledge about the fundamental aspects of the process of the business.

six sigma Green belt certification

Because of the exposure that you get with six Sigma, you will be given more importance within the team, and this added responsibility is an easy way to increase your stats in the computer and move up the company ladder. So, if you are someone who is looking to sit for the six sigma Green belt certification, here are some things that you need to know.

Test duration: Format of this test will be MCQ or True Or False kind of questions. The total number of questions will be 60, and you will be given 2 hours to complete the test. You will also have to submit reports on the things that you learn during the training period.

Pass percentage: To successfully clear this test, you will need a minimum score of 70%.

How to prepare: although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that the person who is sitting for the six sigma test take up a few classes from authorized centers like the Smile institute before they take on the test. This gives them not only the knowledge but also the confidence that they need to successfully clear the test.

Examination centers: Currently, there are over 8000 centers across 165 countries. So no matter where you are, there is a chance that you are near a test center. If not, you can always take the online yellow belt six sigma certification and complete the course virtually.

The role you get after the examination: Primarily, you will be one of the key members of the team. Your role will be to take lean in one segment that your team undertakes and look after its processes and output. If the team is small enough, you may even end up managing the entire team for your company.

Six Sigma comes with a lot of benefits; you not only help the company that you work in grow, but you also grow along with the process as well. This growth will help you reach your career milestones faster, and the package hike that you get is an added bonus. So monetarily and by skills, you grow a lot with the help of six Sigma. So such an important course, it is essential that you take up the course through authenticated service providers like the Smile institute, who will take care of all your paper works and help you learn the course. From teaching to finding your exam centers, they do it all for you. This you can worry more about the course and less about everything else, which is what you will need while taking on a test that is this important.

FAQs about Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certification

We understand that you have a few questions about the yellow belt six sigma certification, this article will help in answering your questions.

online yellow belt six sigma certiication

What is a Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certification?

A person who has the basic knowledge of what Six Sigma is capable of taking up the yellow belt six sigma certification. This is meant to be the first step of certification in six sigma and once certified you will be able to create the process map for the six sigma process.

How much should I score to pass the Yellow Belt Certification?

You will have to score at least 140 points out of 200. This will set as a passing criterion to have the yellow belt six sigma certification online.

How to register for Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certification?

The registration for the yellow belt is quite simple, you can either prefer any institute or register for online yellow belt six sigma certification.

How long is the yellow certification valid?

Once you have successfully completed the course and also the test, the certification has no expiration date. You can hold it for life.

How to prepare for the examination?

If you have registered in an institute the trained professional will help you in preparing for the examination. If you have registered online exam guides will be available for you to access and prepare for the examination.

Should I complete any project to register for Yellow Belt certification?

There are no such requirements. Having a basic knowledge of six sigma is enough for you to register for the yellow belt six sigma certification.

I have a business major, should I take up the Yellow belt certification?

You need not. You can directly take up the green belt six sigma certification. In case your major is marketing or management then you should take up the yellow belt six sigma certification first.

Who can take up the yellow belt six sigma certification?

There is no such specific requirement for you to take up the yellow belt certification. Any degree holder can opt for the yellow belt certification provided you have basic knowledge of what six sigma is. You can surf the internet to have a basic knowledge of what six sigma is.

What is the role of a yellow belt certified individual?

The Yellow belt six sigma certified individual will help in creating the proper process maps, data capture and to facilitate simulation and improvement to the green belt and black belt six sigma certified professionals.

What projects will I be assigned after yellow belt certification?

Yellow belt certified individuals will not take up any projects like the green and black belt certified individuals do. Your role is Subject Matter Expert (SME). You will be responsible for running the small project processes.

What is the training duration for yellow belt certification?

The yellow belt six sigma certification will take up to 10 to 12 hours of training.

Hoping the basic FAQs are answered in this article. Consider registering for yellow belt six sigma certification and get benefited.

Quality traits all six sigma green belts should have

The most statistical and result-driven methodology, Six Sigma has four different levels in training a person. They are Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt (In order). To carry on a yellow belt six sigma certification you don’t necessarily be worrying about the traits to be held. Your interest in taking up the course is the only eligibility criteria for online six sigma Green belt certification.

green belt six sigma certification

It is not the case when it comes to the second stage of Six Sigma certification- The Green belt certification. To take up the certification you should attend 4 hours of examination containing 100 questions and indeed meet the passing criteria.  Once you pass the test you can continue with the Green belt training. So when your manager or organization considers shortlisting people to take up the test they are going to look for a few criteria so that they can train the employee in the second stage of certification. 

Wonder why a criterion is set to take up the training? Because Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification demands the right candidate and it is going to consume more money and time. Continue reading the article to know what traits you should possess to hold the green belt certification.

Experience: This is going to be the first filter criterion. The experience criterion will help your manager or organization in ruling out the major of the employees to take up the training. You should have at least 3 years of experience in the same field as a full-time employee. After your green belt certification, you will be dedicating 10% of your work-time to Six Sigma projects.

Good Soft skill: There is no use if you are good at hard skills and lack soft skills. Green belt certification is all about managerial positions. When you are in a managerial position, not just your technical knowledge is going to get work done. Your soft skills are going to work wonders in making your teamwork. Good communication and proper listening are a must skill for the green belt holder.

Leadership Lover: As you know by now, once you are trained with green belt certification you will have the responsibilities of a managerial role. Your leadership skill will help you assign the tasks to your team, follow-up with the stakeholders, and manage your team’s time and resources. A good leader will motivate his or her team to perform better. 

One who never gives-up and is Passionate: Perseverance speaks volumes when it comes to green belt certification.  When six sigma is implemented your team will feel dejected by the change and refuse to accept it. A green belt certification holder must have the perseverance to accept the change and continue working for the change to happen.

Regardless of the skills, if you are not passionate about what you do then there is no room for improvement. A green belt certified personnel should be the one who can look under the skin and find the opportunities to make the process better than identifying errors and eliminating them.

How does Six sigma certification help in the banking industry?

Wondering how Six Sigma lends its hand in the banking industry? Six Sigma literally helps in every industry possible. Six Sigma first experimented in the manufacturing industry which made everyone think it is not for other industries. To everyone’s surprise and benefit, Six Sigma proved it wrong and made its place for the long run now.

Six Sigma yellow belt Certification can be implemented in any industry where there is a repetitive process. Six Sigma ensures to eliminate the errors and make the service better. Speaking of the banking industry, the place of the repetitive process has now been benefited by the online Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. 


The banking industry does require the support of six sigma because of the tons of money involved in the process. Any error that occurs is going to cost a fortune. The repetitive errors would make your bank go bankrupt in no time. Let us take a deeper look at how six sigma help in the banking industry.

The process cost: Process cost is a major part of the banking industry. Like the slightest error would cost a leg, the slightest improvement will save the industry tons. The process cost is inevitable and Six sigma will shed light on the costs that can be avoided or reduced. The statistical data that six sigma provides will help you limit the cost based on the necessity.

Customer centric: The effectiveness of the bank’s services will help in retaining the customers and gaining new ones. Six Sigma helps in reducing the customer wait time to open new accounts, loan processing, etc. Any process that is difficult for the customers to follow is made simple by Six Sigma. When the process is less time-consuming and easy to follow many customers would prefer the bank that provides it. 

Six Sigma will take deep statistical data on what processes are not necessary, difficult, and more time-consuming for the customers and help in eliminating it or finding an alternative. To any industry their client or customer is the king, Six Sigma makes sure customer satisfaction is looked after in every step possible.  

Employee centric: Six Sigma not only concentrates on customer satisfaction but also on employee well-being.  The bank employees will be asked for suggestions and opinions to make their workstation a better place. After all the employees are the ones who would make any project successful, right? Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification ensures to inform the employees about the change in the system so that their work nature is not affected. 

Outsourcing Companies: The banking industry doesn’t necessarily mean that only the bank is implementing six sigma. Even the Multinational companies who are outsourcing for the banking industry have also implemented the Six Sigma methodology. Since outsourcing companies take care of the data collection and maintaining records, Six sigma finds out the repetitive errors caused as the data says it all.

Six sigma Green Belt Certification in the banking industry has helped to increase the block percentage to ensure fraud rate is decreased, reducing the time taken to process the next loan cycle, decreasing waste when it comes to customers time and the bank’s time and money.

Does online six sigma has a positive effect on your career?

Six Sigma certification is a strategic methodology that can be implemented in almost all firms. The main aim of this strategy is to train the employees to work towards less waste age and higher production efficiency. There are several levels of Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification that individuals can take up, depending on their position in the hierarchy of the firm. Six Sigma training has to be provided to all the members of the firm for the successful working of the strategy. This is why firm’s today are providing training to their employees and shifting from the traditional brainstorming for problem-solving to Six Sigma strategies. 

yellow belt six sigma certification

By opting for this strategy, employees are upgraded to become self-sufficient. They start thinking independently in terms of problem-solving within their limits. Under conventional office working pattern, employees rely upon the management to provide solutions. This can be distressing for the management as well as the employee. With these problem-solving skills, the management’s burden is reduced. Six Sigma focuses on dividing the work as processes involved, rather than dividing is at departments involved in work. 

If you wonder how online six sigma has positive effects on your career, then here it is. Firms today lookout for individuals with excellent analytical and problem-solving skill.s. Though most people add these to their skill set in resume, they do not have proper certification. Taking up a Six Sigma certification course can help you certify your strategic problem-solving skills. When you take up advantaged Six Sigma courses, it can also help in providing you with promotions. Statistically, it has the potential to boost your career by around 30 per cent which is a huge number in this competitive world today. 

Firms lookout for employees who have a targeted and organized working pattern. Also, Six Sigma certification helps in cutting down the cost as well as improving the quality of work. Following the DMAIC pattern of problem-solving is the simplest solution to most issues. But to implement this strategy one has to be well-versed in the Six Sigma and Six Sigma lean strategies. In simple terms, Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification can accelerate the growth of your career at a comparatively faster rate when compared to the conventional promotion patterns. Individuals can take up this course on their own, even online. All it takes is a few hours of training and a certification test to help obtain the certification. Almost all individuals can take up the Green Belt certification, which is simple and suited for all employees within the organization. 

Amile institute offers the best and easiest way to certify yourself with Six Sigma. One can take up the green belt six sigma certification or the black belt six sigma certification depending on their position within the organization. Online Six Sigma green belt certification has made the entire certification process simple and easy. Give your career a kick start with the Six Sigma certification course today. 

Customer-centric approach with Six Sigma

Every firm has a particular pattern of Woking. In conventional work culture, the employees work under the management and follow the instructions provided by their superiors. In case of any hitches in the work, the employee consults with the management for a solution. The employee works according to the instructions offered by the management. But most of the time, these problems are focused only on the problems faced within the organization. Whereas in reality, the problem lies with the product that is delivered to the consumer.

In the production sector or even in the IT sector where products are delivered out to the consumer, the problem lies with the quality of work. For the firm to sustain itself in the market, it is important to solve the issues that the consumer faces with the product. Else, the firm might even lose their consumer. This is where Six Sigma certification and training comes into the picture. Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification in most cases helps in solving problems with the products that are sold out to the consumer. 

Six sigma certification

Six Sigma certification relies on strategies that are focused on solving problems faced by consumers. This helps in improvising the products and services offered by a particular firm. The training works mostly on identifying problems faced by the consumer using the product or service. Using the feedback received the product is redesigned and changed in such a way that it is preferred by the consumer. This has benefits to the firm as well. First thing is that it improves the profit that the firm gets. With more consumer retention and many new consumers preferring your product, the firm can turn out to be a successful one. 

In traditional firms, the problems faced in the processing of the product is considered to be important over consumer preference. This eases the workload of the employees, but your product‘s status in the market remains unaltered. Six Sigma certification training has dual benefits i.e., for both the firm and the consumers. Building up a relationship with the consumers is all that is needed for improving the firm’s status. 

Employees at different cadres can take up the Six Sigma certification levels at different stages. Base level employees can take up the green belt six sigma certification. Employees at higher cadre can take up the Yellow belt six sigma certification. Online Six Sigma yellow belt certification can also be taken up by individuals. This certification can help in streamlined ideas towards the betterment of the firm and the nature of the product developed. When all the employees within the firm are trained in Six Sigma certification, the implementation makes sure that the firm progresses towards success. Six Sigma certification is mostly consumer-centric and not process-centric. However, it makes it easy for the employees as well by helping them identify issues and sort out the same without the help of the management. This creates newer ideas and makes it easy for employees to handle problems faced within the firm as well as with the product.