Qualities of a Black Belt: Why you would want to attain a Black Belt?

You may have read a lot about the benefits of Six Sigma and its potentials. The real reason Six Sigma becomes a success is because of the individuals trained in the field of Six Sigma and the activities performed by them which revolutionizes the company. So let us look at what role a Six Sigma black Belt plays in a company.

The Role of the Six Sigma Black Belt:

The Six Sigma Black belts are known as Change Agents and occupy leadership roles in a company. They are responsible for implementing the improvements made to processes and facilitate quality management. They play a major role in the satisfaction level of the customers and in business productivity. This article describes the main qualities that a Six Sigma Black Belt is expected to possess.

Six Sigma Black Belt Qualities:

All Six Sigma Black Belts must posses the passion to persevere through challenges and remain motivated at all times. They should take initiative and have a positive personality even while facing challenges.

•Customer advocacy:
Black Belts should communicate effectively with customers and understand their needs. This is the key to process improvement. They should be able to deliver the quality of the service or product that satisfies the customer’s needs.

Black Belts are change agents. They are also trainers, mentors and coaches to other employees. Therefore they should be able to communicate their ideas aand concerns effectively. They should be able to converse coherently to all audiences and be able to convince them.

•Business Decisions:
Black Belts are business leader and hences they should have a sound knowledge of the Business. They need to make good decisions competitively and well as financially. They should be the link between projects processes and desired results.

•Team Player:
Black Belts must be able to lead as well as work in a team with others. They must be able to get along well with people, and friendly to all. They should also be able to influence and motivate the team.

•Project management:
They should be able to manage projects and deliver quality results. The should consider scope, resources, requirements and timeline while managing the projects.

•Technical Knowledge:
They need to be a technical expert but they should have a working knowledge of modern technology. This is a great advantage as it can help improve the process of collecting and analyzing data as well as improving strategy.

•Work Experience:
With sufficient experience in diverse working areas, a Six Sigma expert will be able to improve more than one aspect of the process improvement. They would be able to appreciate projects more holistically.

•Result Oriented:
The Six Sigma Black Belts are expected to produce real and tangible results at the end of business processes. They have to be able to demonstrate their success methodologies and meet targets on time.