Secrets of Six Sigma Certification: An application for Customer Value

Most leading companies have embraced Six Sigma as their way of business. They often use it as a measure of quality and success. It is as effective today as it was 30 years ago when it was first implemented. In every business we continuously see the power of Six Sigma transforming companies and leaders worldwide. From service industries to software industries; from multinational companies to small enterprises, from customized production to mass production; Six Sigma has played a major role in their success.

Let us look at the secrets of the Six Sigma certification and how it is an application for Customer Value.

1. Focusing on Customer Value:

Six Sigma emphasizes that a project should focus on what the customer wants. You should understand the need of the customer and what they see as value or quality. The goal of the project should be to meet or exceed such expectations of the customer. You should, therefore, divert your focus on what will delight the customer and differentiate your product from the others available in the market. Better products mean happier customers and better business. Understanding the needs of your customer is also the starting point for reducing waste and being efficient in terms of customer value.

2. Process Mindset:

You need to keep the strategic goals of the company in mind a toil to achieve them. A process is a sequence of steps the will consume a part of your resources and time, take input from previous steps and produce well-defined outputs. Defining or designing an efficient process flow with the goals in mind allows a clear visualization of each step and a measurement of the process performance. This information can allow you to prioritize efforts in such a way that You can achieve the goals as well as track the internal efforts towards the goal. This will enable you to achieve better performance and improve efficiency.

3. Company Motivation:

A motivated group of people is the best resource available to any company and can guarantee the best possible results. This increases the productivity of the group and also the quality of work performed by them. The involvement of employees in a process must be studied and understood while planning a project. Taking into account their experience and ideas can have a significant impact on the outcome of the project.

Therefore you bring active involvement and responsibility to everyone in the company. By having constant performance measures, you bring about an overall motivation to all members of the team and encourage them to work towards a common goal instead of competing among themselves. This also gives them the chance to learn and develop themselves, making them better assets to the company.