Six Sigma Certified Professionals in being Managers

As a known matter of fact, the person who holds an MBA degree is known as a Manager in any concern you work in. Regardless of the degree you hold, you will be hired for the manager-level positions if you are certified by Six Sigma. Now that Six Sigma has proved its worth in the business field, most companies have opted to implement Six Sigma to further carry out their business. The black belt Six Sigma certification will help you understand the basics of an organization’s structure, its principles, systems, and tools used to assign a task to the employees and make sure the employee’s roles and responsibilities are carried out properly.

The manager has to be good in technical skills as well as soft skills. Technical skills will help the manager solve the issues, but soft skills will help that person handle his wards or team to get the work done. Six Sigma has set a methodology that can be applied anywhere in an organization.

Speaking of soft skills as a mandate skill for managers, Six Sigma has its way of training the managers in soft skills. Soft skills are approached to Define, Measure, Explore, Develop, and Implement. These phases can be abbreviated as DMEDI. Here is an example to know what each phase of Six Sigma has to teach the managers.

Six sigma n black belt certification
  • Define- The first step in any process is all about setting goals. Now you will have to define your goal. Now we shall set the goal to be “Getting to know your team.”
  • Measure- Now that you want to know your team, you will have to ensure that you set a certain time to get to know them.
  • Explore- Conversing every day will help your bond grow stronger. Having informal or casual conversations is better than conversing only about the process. Try to smile more, ask about their day, whether they had their meal, or do anything you could do to help them, compliment them for completing tasks on time, etc.
  • Develop- Make this a habit than a once in a blue moon visit. Try to allocate separate time to do this every day, so that you wouldn’t have to miss even unintentionally.
  • Implement- You may have known your team’s behaviour before starting this habit. Make sure whether your casual conversation is working. You can also ask your team for feedback and try to make the cons your next goal.

Hoping this article provided you with an insight into how Six Sigma impacts being a manager. Just this example gives you a strategy to connect with your teammates in a better way. Imagine how effective it would be when you are certified with Six Sigma certification. As mentioned in all the websites, Six Sigma provides you with statistical data to approach the issue. Also, remember that it does help to provide you with knowledge of soft skills. The hype about Six Sigma is all for the better.