Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: Are you eligible?

Six Sigma is an empirical method for obtaining near-perfect standards. Six Sigma analysis might focus on any aspect of production or service & has a strong prominence on statistical analysis in manufacturing, design, & customer-oriented activities.

Six Sigma certification at Amile Institute is a lot similar to other professional courses. However, the conventional certification flow in every course is that after having cleared stipulated guidelines & followed the needed procedure, people are qualified as ‘Capable’ of employing the acquired knowledge in their relevant field. 

There are various belts of Six Sigma certification, like Green Belt, Black Belt Six Sigma Certification, & Master Black Belt, granted to professionals who complete respective stages of the course. Moreover, there are a few eligibility requirements for every level as well.

Six Sigma Green Belt Level

The certification eligibility of Six Sigma starts with the Green Belt Six Sigma Certification. Certified Six Sigma Green Belt practicians are known as part-time change envoys. They usually spend around 25-percent to 30-percent of their time contributing to the tasks of Six Sigma & the remaining working in their relevant operational platforms. 

Well, Six Sigma Green Belts are greatly valued for the operational knowledge they bring to the project group. They are not only professionals in Six Sigma but also professionals in the process that they are developing. Six Sigma Green Belts assist their project groups in gathering &analyzing data & play a crucial role in identifying & implementing improvements.

If you want to get a Six Sigma Green Belt certificate, opt for the online Six Sigma green belt certification.

Eligibility for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Well, certification eligibility of Six Sigma has no specific criterium for any level. Formally, the certification level starts with the certification of the green belt. The eligibility criterium at the Green Belt level completely depends on the institution providing Green Belt Six Sigma certification

However, the domain, industry, & subject-matter professionals have developed a generic criterium, with respect to pre-certification & post-certification effort and experience levels, to decide certification eligibility of Six Sigma at the level of green belt.

Generic certification eligibility criterium of the Six Sigma Green Belt can be described in the following way:

  • The first criterium of Green Belt certification eligibility is to be willing to spend some of their preparation time, at least 35-percent to 40-percent, on process improvement activities or initiatives.
  • Studying, analyzing& solving quality plights is another criterium of online Six Sigma green belt certification.
  • Getting connected with Six Sigma, KAIZEN, LEAN, or other quality development projects is another requirement for Six Sigma Green Belt certification eligibility.
  • Possessing a work experience of more than three years in one or many domains of the Green Belt BOK (Body of Knowledge). Work experience should be in a full-time, paid post. Moreover, this is one of the most crucial criteriums of Six Sigma Green Belt certification eligibility.


Six Sigma is undoubtedly a very clever method of branding & packaging several features of Total Quality Management that reside in their own right, irrespective of the improvement of Six Sigma. Now that you know the eligibility criteriums of the Six Sigma Green Belt certificate, we hope you will face no further issues with it.