Six Sigma Training: helpful or hype?

Six Sigma has become a household name in the corporate world. But still, there is strong debate exist between the he supporters and skeptics of Six Sigma training. On one side, people believe that the companies as well as individuals will get immense benefit by Six Sigma training. While on the other hand, the skeptics believe that there won’t be one single solution which will help an organization to solve problems on various types of business models.

Let’s discuss how Six sigma certification will help a company to achieve its goal.

Can mitigate errors from a process: If a company acquires Six Sigma professionals who have a vast knowledge and experience, then those certified professionals can identify and extirpate repeatable errors from a process. By identifying and eliminating errors from a process, you can make a process more efficient and will help the company in enhancing its revenue.

Improve business process and quality of the product or services: Once you have a Six sigma certification with you, you have the proficient knowledge to identify the characteristics of a company’s business processes and you will also be able to measure, analyse, control, and improve them. By eliminating error, you will help your company to deliver the highest quality of products or services to the customers.

Better customer service: By solving all the customer complaints and providing them with the best quality products or services, you will help your company to serve the customers in a better way. In this way, you will also help your organization to maintain a healthy and robust relationship with the customers.

More exposure and better salary: These days, Six Sigma methodologies are applied in every industry like healthcare, retail, aerospace, electronics, telecom, banking and financial services, IT, HR, marketing, and many more. So, if you hold a Six Sigma certification, you will get more exposure and job opportunities from various sectors. Because the individuals who are certified in Six Sigma are highly knowledgeable and have experienced in dozens of different methods to streamline business processes. Not only that, Six Sigma certified people are the highest paid professionals globally. According to, the salary for Six Sigma certified individuals routinely break into the $100,000+ pay bracket.

Nurture leadership quality:  Six Sigma certification imbibes leadership quality in you because you know how to how to reduce costs, increase revenue, and ways to improve the efficiency of the business process. If you are a professional black belt or green belt, then you can train other employees regarding Six Sigma and its application.

These are some benefits of having Six Sigma certification for an organization.

But is it really worth?

Six Sigma is a time-consuming process and it takes years to implement. If you can implement it wisely, then you will get a chunk of benefits. But if your company is looking for a quick fix or solution for the existing problems, then the Six Sigma professionals couldn’t help you in solving the situation. However, if your company has a long term goals and understand the importance of customer satisfaction, then Six Sigma is definitely the tool of choice.