Software development industry – advantages and ROI of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is one of the key trends that are being followed by many organizations in the recent times and the trend is getting popular day by day. There are many corporations that are incorporating themselves to be associated with only the related program as it as has made many differences and has drawn bottom lines to make the required work constant and consistent.

The program provides great tools that are extremely effective in improving the quality of the product as well as the manufacturing process, and also for the development of the latest chains of such quality. Though there is some work which is required to process to make it more efficient for software development and managing software-related projects, the program has already proved its consistency over the different software related industry.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The method of SDLC introduces the different quality towards the processes of different end cycle of the project, just before the implementation. Unit testing, system testing etc are some of the commonly used term associated with it. It emphasizes the different designs and reviews the associated code, but the problem with this tool is that it actually comes into play when the software is already ready to be launched.

How is six sigma changing the facts related to SDLC?

  • The approach made by the program is helpful in developing a software since it emphasizes the different concepts and gathering required phases of the different sectors related to the software program. It provides some of the most effective tools to clearly identify the required problems and also ensure the correct approach which makes the primary project on the deliverables and not the technology itself. Process mapping is another important part that plays an important role in the project by understanding the different space and boundary related problems.
  • Six Sigma introduces a quantitative method when it comes to discovering the relationships between the different data. These relationships are generally denoted by the different algebraic forms. Data relationships are one of the most important facts that are required to properly outflow in the development process.
  • The work of six sigma is to find the different approach that can create a problem with the help of the algebraic diagrams. Some of the commonly related diagrams that have been much efficiently used by the program are – data flow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, and object models.
  • The only development phase that six sigma could not yield efficient result is the area related to the system architecture. There are lots of reviews showing the lack of the program to solve the related issues. However, the approaches also do not ensure the optimizations which can later be detected with the use of the program.


In software development, the motive of the program has always been yielding the possible efficient result for managing the different projects. It will by far continue its function of addressing the different specific requirements of the people to solve the software projects.


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