The Evolution of Six Sigma

The Next Big Thing in Six Sigma

According to Charles Darwin, it is important to adapt and evolve according to the requirements of the surrounding in order to survive. The six sigma program is the latest evolution that man can adapt in order to commit fewer mistakes towards their work and become more efficient to their commitment. This is what is making the six sigma program much popular in the recent times.

History of the program

The program was introduced in the 1980. Though at the time, no one could have predicted that this program could have such sort of an outcome and will be of immense importance in the future. Six sigma has evolved and created its own legacy in the different dynasties of business making the other programs falling further behind. By investing in the correct manner possible in the particular program the companies are gaining a lot more satisfied outcomes when it’s coming to dealing with the customers or the dealers in the most efficient way.

Earlier you had only Green Belt and Black Belt certifications – but over time we’ve added White belt (introductory), Yellow belt (for those who like it), Green belt (for QM programme participants/members) and Black belt (for QM programme leaders).

How Six Sigma is yielding efficient results for the businesses

  • The program follows some specific paths sequentially which makes it easier for the people to understand. It indulges discipline among the people following the program and tries to make them more efficient by making their skill-set more effective.
  • One of the most qualities that every business personnel should have is to make the right decisions not with certain assumptions but with the help of their analytical skills. It makes the people participating in the program efficient with the skills to adapt to decision making on the basis of analytical skills. It focuses on the decisions that will be actually based on the available facts.
  • The program gives the participants a clear focus on their mind about the things that they need to achieve regarding their targets and the associated decisions that are to be taken in order to reach there for their own benefit and also for the organization.
  • It focuses on the different elements of the human psychology or the background that influences a person while taking a particular decision such as culture, infrastructure etc.
  • It encourages the participants to follow the path that leads to the formation of a strong leader.

It is not for everyone

One point that is to be considered for the six sigma program is that it is only based for a particular set of people who are already trained for the business organizations or related. People coming from a different set of work field will find it difficult to adapt as it enriches your skills on the management set. Also, the program more or less though is concentrated on the person is quite favorable for the organizations since they are initiating and influencing it upon the people taking it up. Learning Six Sigma can evolve your approach to work – and results in higher quality outcomes for everyone involved.


Though we all discuss about the particular efficiency of the program, a lot of business analysts are also predicting about the downfall of the program which can be at any period of time and is pretty unknown to anybody. The best part about the program is that it does not focus on the size of the company when it comes to delivering the efficient result possible.