Who Needs to be Involved in Six Sigma Workouts? Everyone!

However, just like an individual might fail to achieve these objectives if he overlooks the vital components such as biceps, triceps, calf muscles, abdomen, and upper body, businesses too can fail to achieve the set goals and objectives if the vital components of Six Sigma workouts fail to make their respective contributions.

Here, we will take a look at some of the vital components of Six Sigma workouts and discuss their respective contributions.


The employees play an important role in Six Sigma workouts because they are the ones who best understand the existing processes. They are thus in a better position to provide the necessary inputs and feedbacks to the Six Sigma implementation team members and if needed, to the top management as well. Six Sigma workouts just cannot succeed without employee support and cooperation. Ultimately it is the employees that implement the changes as might have been prescribed by professionals such as Black Belts.

Project Sponsors

Project sponsors are often members from the senior management who shoulder the responsibility of identifying improvement opportunities that might exist in a given business process. They also share the responsibility to ensure that the Six Sigma workouts are carried out exactly as planned and that the stated goals and objectives are achieved within the specified time and costs.

Apart from these, they also act as a direct link between the top management and the implementation team members so as to expedite problem-solving and avoid resource crunch situations that often occur during Six Sigma workouts.

Six Sigma Professionals

It would not be wrong to classify Six Sigma professionals such as Black Belts and Master Black Belts as the most vital components of Six Sigma workouts because without their technical expertise, it would become literally impossible to think about Six Sigma implementations let alone actually going about doing that.

Six Sigma may have to do a lot with common sense and following a practical approach to problem-solving, but since there are still many technicalities to be dealt with, businesses just cannot think about starting the Six Sigma workouts all on their own.

The services of Six Sigma professionals do not come cheap and this is why many smaller businesses often fail to undertake Six Sigma workouts and avail of the associated benefits. However, since it’s quite certain that the long-term benefits of hiring the services of Six Sigma professional will far outweigh the current costs, businesses should try their best to make available the funds as might be required for using the services of Six Sigma professionals.

After analyzing the above factors, we can easily conclude that the benefits of Six Sigma workouts will accrue only to those businesses that know exactly how to make all these vital components work together like a well-oiled machine. As for the rest, it would not be wrong to say that they will have to do a lot more to realize the benefits of Six Sigma workouts.