Do you need Six Sigma?

17 Signs You Need Six Sigma

The question is not “if” you need Six Sigma – it’s “when” you need Six Sigma – and where to get yourself certified.┬áThe six sigma program is such a program that is followed by many organizations in order to influence their workers in the different set of management skills. A person participating in the program acquires different skills that make them efficient in different sectors of organization management.

This is a very popular program nowadays, as a lot of people are engaging themselves in it. The yellow belt, black belt and the green belt are the three different levels of the program that the people can enroll themselves into. The program is not as easy as it looks like and requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

Signs that you need six sigma

  1. You are lacking the qualities of increasing the revenue for your organization
  2. You want to cut cost of the unnecessary investments and looking forward to secure the investments
  3. You somehow lacking the qualities of efficiently running the business organization
  4. You want a better position at the particular organization with a better pay-scale
  5. You want to understand better how the manufacturing process of an organization works
  6. You want to become an important asset for your company
  7. You want to develop your quality as a leader and possess the required skills for it
  8. You are looking forward to have to a better relationship with the customers to earn their recognition and also have a name for you in the market. Also such customers will be loyal to you when asked for a favor in terms of your betterment.
  9. You want to have a better relationship with the employees which will in turn benefit you to have a better environment at the workplace
  10. You do not want to waste your time on making decisions that will not result in anything better for you and the organization and want to focus on the important points only
  11. Whenever you are having a better position at your company, you are also coming into the focus of the associated companies who will be looking forward to work with you
  12. You want to have minimum errors when taking a financial decision for your organization or to collaborate with a different partner firm
  13. You want to become much more disciplined in terms of your efficiency at your organization
  14. You want to set examples for others as many will look upon to you after the completion of the program
  15. You want to become more efficient when it comes to time management and strategizing your plans
  16. You want to become more efficient in achieving the required target deadlines
  17. You want to lessen the defect rates for your organization


This program can be a lot beneficial when coming to the fact of gaining importance and priority in the market of the individual. Companies look forward to gain access to these individuals with a healthy salary. It is always recommended to look into details about this program and see where it can lead you before getting involved into it.

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