Case Study: Edna Millay

Short Story: Edna's experience with Six Sigma

Edna worked at a reputed Management Consulting company in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was really good with her work. She was being paid $60,000 yearly, which she felt is pretty good for a girl her age. One day, she happened to come across a project that needed careful handling – and knew it was the right fit for her! But...

When she approached her boss Brian about the project, she was told she isn't qualified enough. Imagine that – a superb employee like Edna, not qualified!

Naturally Edna was quite dejected. Yet she could not let such a minor setback be her downfall – no she decided to PROVE her mettle to her boss and the client and win this project for herself. Going through the project spec, she noticed the project demanded a "Six Sigma Black Belt".

Now Edna happened to know of Amile Institute, and decided to get her certification online. Within 48 hours, she had the requisite Six Sigma Green Belt, the much desired Six Sigma Black Belt, AND the prestigeous project – not to mention her boss's and colleagues' admiration, and the client's trust!

In the next 3 months the project went smoothly under her guidance and brought in a nice new pay package for Edna – $121,000 per year!

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Dated: 17 Oct 2017