Case Study: Walter Daniels

Walter was a programmer before he took his six sigma certification with us. His commitment to the subject was spectacular - he did the White, Yellow AND Green belt courses (you don't actually need to) - which he says helped him understand the subject in a much deeper manner.

His rationale was simple - he wanted to switch tracks and go into training & certification. So he was not just learning Six Sigma, he was also absorbing our certification methodologies like a sponge!

It's been over a year now since Walter did his Green Belt - the presence of a green belt made him very welcome in the Training department of his organization and a lateral shift was approved almost immediately. The new job has perks and higher pay of course; but for Walter he now gets the privilege of guiding and supporting his organizations training & personnel development efforts!

Walter wrote in a few days back: His pay is currently $110,000 and he was promoted to VP Training. He'll be pursuing the Black Belt course with us in a bit, in early 2018. We'll update it here of course.

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Dated: 3 Dec 2017