The Amile Fellowships are selective programmes offered by Amile Institute for exceptional University students interested in corporate management and leadership, and wanting to work in an international setting with top global business and policy leaders.

While the programme is open for everyone to participate in, we believe it will benefit young leaders at a global level in a big way.

check You'll be assigned a personal mentor for the duration of the programme.
check The programme culminates in an independent research project, overseen by your mentor
check Experts to help with your project are sourced by Amile
check Yes, you have the option to bring along an industry expert – like your mentor at college or a corporate CXO!
check The project ends with a presentation to the Directors of all companies participating with Amile

Successful closure of the programme entitles you to career placement assistance after graduation. The application fees for this programme have in the past varied from $4,875 - $7,463 depending on various factors including scholarships and merit of the student concerned.

Please write in to support@amileinstitute.org to enquire or begin your application process