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RNG Testing and Certification

We will assess your platform to ensure randomness of your RNG

Our comprehensive Random Number Generator (RNG) evaluation consists of verifying the following:

  • • Statistical Randomness
  • • Working of the RNG, and error detection
  • • Gap detection in seeding and cycling
  • • Predictability and/or repeatability of the result
  • • Actual usage of random numbers (including results generated from shuffling)

Correct operation of the RNG ensures that:

  • • Cards, dice throw numbers, slot game cylinder spin, jackpot winner selectors, and other such aspects that utilize 'Randomness' are in fact statistically random and therefore unpredictable.
  • • Naturally a correctly configured and certified RNG gives players confidence in the game system.
  • • Players benefit from quality gameplay and thus this alleviates player complaints.

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Certification Fees (each)
RNG Consultancy
Certified, International Validity
$119.99 $79.99
RNG Certification
Certified, International Validity
$7,499.99 $4,999.99