Six Sigma Certifications made 1000s of people Achieve their Goals

Edna Millay
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5 x star

My Six Sigma Black Belt allowed me to get a new project and a pay grade increase. Thank you Amile for making this happen!

Walter Daniels
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4.5 x star

I did the White, Yellow and Green belt courses on Amile and was promoted to 'VP Training'. Fantastic!!

Gil Grace
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4.5 x star

It only took me 20 minutes to finish my White Belt back in college, but that boosted my CV a lot! I got 15 campus offers.

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Premium Six Sigma Courseware

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In order to provide the highest quality of courseware with our Six Sigma certification programs we did an exhaustive research exercise in Six Sigma education space.

The conclusion was: We found the ONE awesome text book that we can recommend!

The feedback we collected from the community and from our students at large pointed to this courseware as being optimal for the best learning of the Six Sigma Book of Knowledge.

Therefore, we present to you Six Sigma GB / BB Certification Manuals!

We are absolutely confident that this will make you proficient in Six Sigma Framework, and you will have an outstanding opportunity to love Six Sigma and keep on receiving the tangible benefits of being a Six Sigma professional.

Fetch a cup of coffee to enjoy, some paper and a pencil for notes, and spend some quiet 'deep learning' time to read your Six Sigma Manual!

Thereafter, you will have a great understanding about Six Sigma domain and be prepared to pass your Six Sigma certification exam. You will be ready to deliver great products and services to your clients and employers and to build your bright career and future!

Suman Dhareshwar
CEO, Amile Institute

(Wherrelz Corporation)

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Certification Fees (each)
Six Sigma Green Belt
60 questions in 60 mins.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
60 questions in 60 mins.
Six Sigma Black Belt
100 questions in 120 mins.
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
100 questions in 120 mins.